Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Amazingly Slimming Down

A woman from Rusia lost 155 lbs after 1 year and a half. She deserves respect because it wasn't that easy for her. First, she started to walk everyday for 1 km later 5 km, another step was going to the gym.
But the most stunning this is her diet:

Breakfast :
2 eggs, or a piece of cheese or porridge, a pierce of black chocolate or a spoon of honey, coffe without sugar.

Second Breakfast:
Half of a pomegranate, green tea.

Boiled lean meat, fish or chicken breast, fresh vegetable salad with vegetable oil, green tea.

A handful of shelled seeds green apple, grapefruit or pomegranate.

Green tea.
Terima kasih kerana membaca. Have a good day!

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